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Friends of Kuilima

We are an all-volunteer group that actively educates and advocates for the fair and reasonable treatment of property owners. Our focus is on legal short-term rental issues impacting our friends, ohana, and the small business community.  

~We are busy updating our website as well as working on Statewide legislation, so please check back periodically ~


      Close of 2023 Legislative Session & Wrap up of Oahu City Council busy season. 

Aloha from the North Shore.

This has been a very busy legislative session with numerous House and Senate bills presented. FOK has been actively involved in monitoring and testifying against harmful proposed changes and for reasonable legislation impacting transient vacation properties.

We plan on holding a townhall at the start of June to cover relevant activity for our members.

Given the types of legislation and vocal opposition to allowing any alternative short term housing to hotels, now more than ever it is important that groups like FOK work together. There is strength in numbers, and we know elected officials pay attention when objective, verifiable data is provided as part of a thoughtful argument against unreasonable legislation. Presenting a cohesive  unified argument is critical against further legislation which attempts to shut down the alternative housing market.

We will send out an email with further information in the next few weeks.  We operate on donations, and all our team are volunteers. Your help financially supports the costs for applications to provide you with important information. A donation of $25 is greatly appreciated.



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We accomplish our goals by

Consistently partnering with council members, city departments and others to provide relevant and reliable data supportin​g legal short-term rental policies Work to unify resort properties and NUCs in a “single voice” providing strength in numbers Use contributed funds from you to maintain our website, obtain legal advice and cover costs for communications to keep you updated and informed on what is happening

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