What Happens Next

With Bill 9?

Bill 9 passed its first Council Meeting vote and is currently on old with the Budget Committee awaiting City/ Councy budget balancing.

Bill 9 or the “Empty House” Bill aims to help with the housing shortage by taxing homes that are unoccupied for 6 months or more a year.   It proposes an additional 3% property tax per year on “empty” homes.   As an example, a $1,000,000 property would incur an additional $30,000 in property taxes per year.

There are a number of exemptions including construction, medical, military deployment, etc.  

The City would send out a letter to each property owner requiring them to prove their house was occupied.  If the owner does not respond or does not prove the house was occupied the tax would be levied.  FOK will propose an exemption for TVUs.

The Bill seems to have momentum from Council Members as well as the Administration.

More information will come as this Bill resurfaces for discussion or vote within the Budget Committee.

Current Bill 9