What Happens Next

With Bill 4?

Bill No. 4 TVUProperty Classification

 Up for final Hearing by City Council on 3/15/23

The property tax component of Bill 41 was stripped away and became Bill 4.   This Bill (Bill 4 CD2) has been approved by the Budget Committee and now will be heard by the full Council for a final vote on 3/15/23.

As originally written, the associated property tax rates (PRT) for TVUs would increase from 3.5 (residential rate) to 13.9 (hotel rate) per $1,000 value (for those currently classified as Residential).  Coupled with the recent increase in values, this change would increase the average annual property taxes on a one-bedroom Kuilima condo from $2,000 to $12,500.

Through member testimony and meetings with the Council Members, FOK was successful at having the Bill amended to include a separate TVU category with two tiers.  The two tiers were recommended as a way to keep more affordable non-vacationer housing options for lower priced units.   The threshold between tiers was proposed at $600k, however, FOK has presented data and successfully had the threshold raised to $800k.  We are in support of Bill 4 CD2.   If passed, the changes will not be effective until 7/1/2024.  Tax rates are not included in the Bill and will not be discussed until next year, before the Bill becomes effective.  

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