Legal STR Registration:

Ord 22-7 (Bill 41)


 Important information including

documentation needed and instructions

for completing your registration

UPDATE: 11/13/22

We will be updating this page throughout Sunday.

(We’ve waited since DPP has frequently changed what form of content they will accept documentation)

Please be patient- we still need documents from some resort properties, excluding WAI, to help assist you with gathering documentation. We have left “blank” slots below for resort specific documents that you will need.

The following information all relates to legal STR documentation and guidance for registration. 

FOK will be holding workshops on putting together your registration “packet.” There will be 3 workshops: Weekend, After Work, and one Day Time. We hope to have the first one on Monday followiwng Thanksgiving.FOK email

Required Documentation for ALL STR registration


FOK developed checklist for members: ___(cleaning up the form right noww)_________________

This has been vetted through a team carefully reviewing Ord 22-7

      ~Mahalo for your patience.


Kuilima West


Commercial Insurance

Property Title

Examples or Links

Those on Air B & B and VRBO:

Screen Cap of your Acct No. such as a home or front page, and a screen cap of your account info (usually your auto payment page showing renewal info.

Primier Title and Escrow

Property Title email request

ATTN: Vern Heath- Senior Escrow Officer

PH:   808.687.6700

Include in  the subject line:

“[Property TMK #], request for conditional title– use H Von Sydow discount rate for KEW property owners.”

Be sure to include your name and physical property location and unit number in the email.


Addtn’l Info

Keep it simple. On the registration form put in your account listing number. The screen caps provide connection of the property to your name on the account. DPP already knows these 2 platforms provide the required insurance you need.

Cost= $209.50 which includes tax. Payment can only be issued by check or through money wire (not ACH), such as WesternUnion, due to federal requirements.

Once the request is received, it will be processed in the  order it is received and expect about a 4 day turn-around. You will be alerted by email, which includes the bill for the title. Once payment is received your document will be issued to you via secure email.

This special rate for property title is only available to KEW property owners, negotiated by FOK members. We are working on locating another company that will offer a discount to other resort and legal TVUs.