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History of Turtle Bay Owners and Permits/Zoning
Source: Defend Oahu Coalition

This video provides a fairly concise history of the development of Turtle Bay at Kuilima. It is worth watching to understand how the hotel property has changed hands multiple times by off-island/foreign investors who have been involved with attempts to create a “mini” Waikiki in the country area of the island.

******DISCLAIMER****** We cannot verify the voracity of the all information provided however, many of the dates and actions for changes in permitting are correct as they were contained in FOKs petition for declaritory ruling for DPP to recognize the area as legally resort property, filed and approved Jan 2020.

Councilwoman Tupola’s comments during council discussions prior to voting on Bill 41 as of 1/26/22. She raised serious concerns and issues with the failure to enforce Bill 89, the implementation of current legislation, and the subsequent impact on communities and the economy.