What Is New for NUCs?

NUC News & Updates


New Certification Currently Underway

 9/23/22 – Certification for the period 9/30/22 – 9/30/24 is currently underway.  The current certification expires on 9/30/22.  

If you have not received your certification information, please contact Lester Hirano, DPP at (808) 768-8110 or [email protected].


10/23/22 – Ordinance 22-7 (Bill 41) is effective: 

  • It requires NUCs to comply with specific rules. FOK has prepared this easy-to-use checklist to assist in compliance:
  • Following the current 2-year certificate renewal for the period 9/22 – 9/24, NUCs will switch to annual certificate renewal at $500/year (Beginning in 9/24). 
  • Many NUCs are also legal as TVUs. It is recommended that Owners continue to renew their NUC certifications for the following distinct benefits:
    • NUCs will continue to “run with the land” whereas new owners of other legal TVUs must re-register.
    • NUCs have less requirements per Ord 22-7 and do not have to register as a TVU

9/23/22 – Bill 4 Property Tax Classification

Currently, NUCs are classified with their underlying zoning.   Bill 4 will group NUCs in with TVUs.  Bill 4 includes a separate TVU category with two tiers.   The Bill is currently on hold with the Budget Committee awaiting budget balancing.  We expect it to be voted on before year-end.  Please see more information under the Bill Status page.  FOK is fighting for fair tax treatment for TVUs and NUCs.