Back Ground Information

During the 2022 session a very large omnibus bill was introduced which included numerous amount of “housekeeping” items (Bill #10). Currently, an amendment (#54) corrects a major glitch passed in Bill #41 relating to legally zoned boundary areas where short term rentals were permitted.

Bill #54 corrects boundary lines in separate legislation from #4,in order that property owners would not be impacted. As a separate stand alone bill this essentially fast tracks the correction rather than keep it on hold in the much larger bill.

Presently Ko` Olina resort property owners are not permitted to rent for less than 30 days, however were this to change a sizeable number of owners would be impacted.

Here is the link to the current bill:

 We encourage you to use your own words and reflect on how this affects you specifically and the resort property area generally.

 Suggested Talking Points:

Bill #54 is a reasonable correction to a problem introduced in prior legislation, which arbitrarily changed zoning boundaries. Council Member Tupola has submitted legislation that will fast track the fix for property owners in the Ko Olina resort area.

I support the Bill, and strongly encourage the committee to pass this bill. Thank your for the opportunity to provide verbal/written testimony. 

Mayor Information/ Council Member’s Phone

Mayor Mr. Rick Blangiardi: (808) 768-4141  send email.

District 1 Ms. Andria Tupola: (808) 768-5001  

District 2 Mr. Matt Weyer: (808) 768-5002  

District 3 Ms. Esther Kiaʻāina: (808) 768-5003.   

District 4  Mr. Tommy Waters, Chairman: (808) 768-500  

District 5 Mr. Calvin Say: (808) 768-5005.   

District 6 Mr. Tyler Dos Santos-Tam: (808) 768-5006    

District 7 Ms. Radiant Cordero: (808) 768-5007   

District 8 Ms. Val Okimoto: (808)768-5008   

District 9 Mr. Augie Tulba: (808) 768-5009 

Written Testimony

If public testimony doesn’t work for you, written testimony is another effective tool:
Letter or FAX:
Office of the City Clerk,
Attention:   Information Section
530 South King Street, Room 100
Honolulu, HI 96813
Include “Proposed Bill X” as reference
FAX No.: (808) 768-3826  -or- Send via FAX to the Council Chair: (808) 768-1204